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Adrenaline Rush Inflatable Obstacle Course

Challenge your friends to a race through this amazing 1850 square foot dual lane obstacle course. Crash though this winding maze of interactive features, including squeeze walls, pop outs, and rock climbs! TWO slides are sure to help boost your speed so you can be the first to the finish line. Weight limit: 250lbs.
Radical Run Inflatable Obstacle Course
Timberland Wrecking Ball Inflatable
Timberland Wrecking Ball Inflatable

Stand your ground against your friends as you battle with our wrecking ball inflatable. Like jousting without the sticks, up to 4 participants stand on solid pedestals and try to knock each other off by thowing the big wrecking ball at each other. The victorious gladiator is the last one standing! This moonwalk is a huge 30' across and 15' high. Weight limit: 250lbs.

Double Bay Extreme Slide

You will be AMAZED at how fast you zoom to the bottom in this double bay extreme slide. Climb up the middle and two friends can race to the bottom on either side. The kids will definitely be climbing for more! At 24 foot high, you will be hard pressed to find a better inflatable slide than this one! Weight limit: 800lbs or 200lbs each.

Double Bay Dry Slide
Princess Bouncy House Slide

Princess Bouncy House Castle with Slide

Are you a Knight in Shining Armour or are you the Damsel in Distress? Either way, you will have the time of your life boucing inside this 25' high castle. There is even a basketball hoop inside this cool bounce house. Done playing inside? Climb the rope to the top of the tower and slide your way down and out!

Dynamite Inflatable Obstacle Course

Twelve different obstacles, including a giant rockwall, will challenge you as you make your way through the 95 foot Dynamite Obstacle Course. Squeeze, crawl, climb, maneuver and do whatever it takes to get to the finish line before your opponent. Parents, challenge your kids to a race on this awesome inflatable. Weight limit: 250lbs.

30 Foot Dynamite Inflatable Obstacle Course